About Us

Communion means ‘shared vision’. We believe successful buildings are the result of people working together to deliver a shared vision. We work closely with our clients to deliver exactly what they need and we build strong relationships with other stakeholders involved in the project. We find that this approach creates value, improves quality and reduces timescales and cost. Every project we work on is unique.


Man smiling at a woman who's laughingGetting to know our clients well is important to us and the cornerstone of every project. We collaborate with other stakeholders too, for example, builders, engineers and planning officers. Good relationships lead to better projects. They also save money, improve quality and speed up delivery.

“The design and craftsmanship is excellent throughout”

Wood Awards 2010


St Peter's Church, HerefordSpace is the world that we all inhabit. It is simple but our relationship with it is complex. Creating the right spatial solution to every challenge is what we love to do. Delightful architecture is a physical response to people’s individual or collective needs. We seek simple solutions that deliver maximum results. Our designs aim to minimise our impact and celebrate what is special, whether it is a Norman church or a unique view. Capturing these moments effectively within a building allows us to create exceptional spaces to live, sleep, eat, meet, work and worship in.

“I have enjoyed and appreciated working with Communion. As a company they were extremely sensitive to our vision, attentive to design detail and always easy to work with. I can completely recommend them without reservation.”

Revd S Lockett, Vicar, St Peter’s Church, Peterchurch.


The interior of a barn conversionOur designs provide elegant solutions to difficult situations. We are known for ‘re-imagining’ buildings from Grade I listed churches to longhouses or barns. We have an extensive knowledge of the legislation that protects these buildings, and develop projects that breathe new life into these valuable buildings. Our experience has shown that successful design can both conserve and enhance a building’s special architectural and historic interest, as well as ensuring they meet today’s needs.

We prioritise long-term sustainability in our projects and our approach is summarised in our Sustainability & Energy Creed. Working to your budget we help protect the environment, from specifying recycled, low-energy materials, to opting for heat pumps and bio-fuel boilers.

A building project is a journey that involves exciting decisions, enormous responsibilities and incredible rewards. It is an opportunity to imagine an idea, develop a design and see it take its place in the landscape for generations to come.

Communion has developed an easy to understand process that gives you what you need to realise your project. Learn more about our five step process and watch our easy-to-understand videos.

Working with us

The success of a project relies on two things: does it achieve its aims and was it an enjoyable journey. At the end of every project we ask people about working with us. Here’s what they consistently say.

  • Creative: you will get something amazing
  • Interactive: you will enjoy the process and the results
  • Competent: you can have confidence in them; they worry for you
  • Reliable: they do what they say they will do
  • Integrity: they only commit to what they believe they can deliver cost effectively
  • High profile: you will get a prestigious result
  • Output: you will have delight and pride in the finished product
  • Image: they look to the future, but they care for our shared heritage
  • Value: no-one else will have anything like this
  • Specialist: they have a unique view

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We are also fortunate that some of our work has been recognised through awards.

Our specialist areas

We specialise in residential architecture in Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Our ecclesiastical and community projects take us nationwide. Whether you are looking to develop something new, or need to renovate and conserve a historic building, we believe Communion can meet your specific needs.

Our Team

Alex Coppock

Alex Coppock

Karen Corfield

Karen Corfield
Communications and PA

Maureen Cosby
Office Manager

Anne Tindall profile image

Anne Tindall
Practice Administrator

Mel Coppock

Mel Coppock
Surveyor and Finance Officer

Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor
Principal Energy Designer and Project Delivery Manager

Geoff Rhodes

Geoff Rhodes
Senior Architectural Technician

Leigh-Robin Bainbridge

Leigh-Robin Bainbridge
Architectural Technician

Neil Williams

Neil Williams
2D/3D Visual Designer

Lucy Phillips

Lucy Phillips
Interior Designer