A day in the life of St Peter’s Centre, Peterchurch

by 17th Nov, 2011

A Day in The Life of St Peter’s Centre

Communion has teamed up with the American Hardwood Association and photographer, Christopher Preece, to capture a day in the life of St Peter’s Centre, Peterchurch.

The result is a photographic document of how Communion’s Architecture has transformed a formerly underused place into a vibrant, diverse and beautiful space that is now the epi-centre of community life in the Golden Valley.

The photographs track just a few of the different activities that take place in the building over a single 24 hour period. Taken as a whole they are a beautiful portfolio which shows the power of architecture to make and transform a community.

We really love the results and believe the photos speak for themselves. A big thank you to the American Hardwood Association who helped sponsored the shoot, and to all those who star as part of the photographs and, of course, to Chris Preece whose work is truly beautiful in capturing the moments where Space, Design and People Meet.