Five ideas to extend your home

by 10th Oct, 2012

Many of today’s homeowners face a dilemma. They are happy in the area in which they live and their children are settled at school. They don’t want to move – and in a slow moving and depressed housing market they may find it isn’t financially viable to do so. But they are rapidly running out of space and need to find a solution.

The answer is to extend your home. A home extension has numerous benefits. It allows you to stay in the home and the area you love. It will make better financial sense than moving home and the costs involved will be recouped when the time does come to sell.

To make the most of your home extension, it is important to think about it carefully. Here are five ideas to help you on your way.

1. Don’t think ‘bolt on’!

Simply adding another room or rooms to the back of your house may not achieve the result you need. A successful home extension is one where the flow of the space and the needs of those who live there have been taken into account. Think of a home extension as an opportunity to completely rethink the internal space of your home and make it work for the life you and your family lead. Properly thought out and well designed, a good home extension can transform your life and the lives of your family.

Timber_Framed_House_Extension_82. Invite the outside in

Instead of a back door you could have a folding wall! This not only provides light, it will have a dramatic effect on the experience of space within the house. Instead of the house ending at the back door, it will feel like this is where it starts.

3. Aspects of light

There is nothing more delightful than sitting in a pool of sunlight. Think about where the sunlight falls and then place a window there to allow it to pour in. Glass corners are fantastic for this.

4. Don’t forget to think about the furniture

Space and furniture need to be designed to go together. It is important to measure sofas, table and sideboards carefully, so that windows and doors can be placed perfectly and ensure that when your extension is complete, all aspects of your home work together.

Timber_Framed_House_Extension_55. Think about materials

A soft carpet and warm oak floor. Crisp stainless steel ironmongery. A leather door. There are so many fantastic materials that can be used to make your home amazing. The great thing about getting your home right is that you will enjoy it day after day after day.

We believe that a home extension can be greater than the sum of its parts. You can stay in the place you love and where you are settled. You can get the space you need without the expense or upheaval of moving. You will add value to your home but perhaps most importantly, you will have a home that works for you and your family for the years to come.