Re-design your kitchen in five steps

by 10th Feb, 2012

A Handsome Georgian Residence in Herefordshire Reconfigured to Transform Family LifeA Handsome Georgian Residence in Herefordshire Reconfigured to Transform Family Life

One hundred years ago the idea of a kitchen was very different. Back then, a kitchen was a simply practical and functional space akin to a scullery. Designed with very little natural light (when refrigeration was rudimentary, a warm, sun-filled kitchen would be a real problem), they weren’t places you would want to spend a lot of time.

Fast forward to today and we have very different requirements. The kitchen is now the heart of the home. We want a large, light-filled, multi-functional space where we can relax, entertain and spend time with the family.

The kitchen you have and the kitchen you want might be very different. Carefully designed, a kitchen extension can transform your home and allow you to enjoy twenty first century living to the full.

Here are some ideas to bear in mind when planning your kitchen extension.

Remove the walls

Think open plan and remove all walls that are non essential. This increases the space, decreases clutter, improves views and increases daylight.

Re-imagine the kitchen garden

Why not extend the kitchen into the garden? This not only increases space but can allow better access. Instead of a back door you could have a folding wall!

Forget ‘wall cabinets’, think storage walls

It is often said that you can never have enough storage, but the answer to this is not more and more kitchen units! At Communion we like to think Big when it comes to storage. Floor to ceiling cupboards give massive amounts of storage space compared with the mean combo of base and wall cabinet, and the difference in price is minimal.

Island paradises: 2 sides for the price of 1

Kitchen islands are really useful in the contemporary family home: a place to prepare meals and spend time with those who are closest to you at the same time. Although you don’t always want people under your feet when you are creating a meal, neither do you want to banish them to another room. For helping the kids with their homework whilst simultaneously making their tea, or for sharing a glass of chilled white wine while adding the finishing touches to that supper, this may be the simple answer.

Get the lighting right!

When thinking about redesigning the kitchen, don’t forget the lighting. The lighting that you need for creating a meal or cleaning the oven is not the same as you need for a romantic meal! Including a number of different lighting circuits when you create the kitchen pays dividends every day you use it. Also consider including lamps on a 5 amp circuit, this makes it really easy to change the mood with the flick of switch.

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